Goldfish 4.6 Released

Fishbeam releases the final version of Goldfish 4.6 for download today. The update to Goldfish 4.6 contains many improvements like compatibility to macOS 10.15 Catalina and is free for all users of Goldfish 4.

New Features and Improvements in Goldfish 4.6
  • Goldfish is now compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina.
  • Autosave feature added. Changes are saved every 60 seconds. After a crash, the current state of a file will be restored when restarting Goldfish.
  • New Goldfish Store on the toolbar that lets you buy Fishbeam clips.
  • Without a license, standard websites can now be published in the Fishbeam Cloud S, M or XL.
  • Without a license, professional websites can now be published in the Fishbeam Cloud M or XL.
  • Goldfish no longer uses JavaScript to calculate the page layout, just CSS. The amount of script code was reduced and the pages are loading faster.

Other New Features and Improvements in Goldfish 4.6
  • macOS Catalina: When opening the color chooser for background colors etc. Goldfish no longer crashes.
  • Buttons: The button in the form or button item now displays the arc of the background correctly too in the editor.
  • Store: The zip code is now accepted with letters. This is necessary for zip codes in the Netherlands.
  • Buttons: The button in the form or button item now displays the arc correctly in the editor and is no longer too small.
  • The context menu for resetting the image size now always displays correct values.
  • E-mail links now also work in the preview.
  • The editor is now displayed more smoothly and without flickering when updating the view.
  • New upgrade window where you can buy Goldfish and the Fishbeam Cloud directly.
  • References in the startup window and in the menu on the new upgrade window have been updated.
  • Text: The Render as Image option has been deprecated.
  • Form: Fixed a bug where the form was not sent if the SPAM protection file could not be read.
  • The assignment of code snippets in the code tab has been improved.
  • Form: Required file uploads now work correctly on Firefox and Chrome if no file is selected.
  • All old Fishbeam Clips dialogs have been removed.
  • The dialogs that appear when exporting or publishing without a license are now revised.
  • In the Import Media window the file name without file extension is the default comment now.
  • In the Embedded Media window, the comment is now in a separate box instead of in a list column.
  • Tab stops and line breaks can now be entered in the comment fields of the "Import Media", "Embedded Media" and "Edit Comment..." windows.
  • In pictures and in the gallery, line breaks and tab stops are now displayed in the comment for image zoom and all other gallery types.
  • Tab stops can now be used in text fields.
  • For Standard or unregistered users, the restrictions in the Code tab are now applied correctly.
  • If the login to the Fishbeam Cloud fails, the progress bar is now reset correctly.
  • About box: The name is now displayed correctly for unregistered users.
  • Product: Paddings in the buy button are now always calculated correctly.
  • Animation: Empty animations no longer generate JavaScript errors.
  • Page area: In page area lines where the background is stretched to the border, the margins are now calculated correctly in all cases.
  • Form: Paddings of selection elements (pop-up menu and list) are now calculated correctly.
  • Audio & Video: In YouTube videos, the title display can no longer be disabled. Therefore, the option "Show Video Title" was removed.
  • Audio & Video: In YouTube videos, the video suggestions can no longer be disabled. Therefore, "Show Suggestions" now allows you to choose between "From all videos" and "Only from channel".
  • Embedded Fonts: Goldfish no longer loses font files when only a few files per font have been embedded.
  • Form: The font color black is now set at "Fields > Font Style" by default, so that text on white fields is always visible.
  • Audio & Video: Videos are correctly played again on iOS on the iPhone when clicking on the poster image.
  • Form: A popup menu selection no longer shows an inappropriate frame around the font under Firefox.
  • Form: In preview mode in Firefox a click on a file upload shows only an error message and not an additional file selection.
  • Blog: The text formatting toolbar is now pinned when scrolling.
  • Blog: A display error of some toolbar icons has been fixed.
  • Blog: When inserting images, only image files are selectable.
  • Blog: Inserting SVG images is now supported.
  • Blog: The insertion of links works again with Firefox.
  • Blog: Images in the blog are now resizable in Firefox.
  • Blog: If a link is selected, a click on "Insert link" will unlink the text.
  • Blog: New entries are now invisible by default. So you can now edit them and then make them visible.
  • Blog: An error at the selection of new entries has been fixed.
  • Blog: Fixed display problems with empty editable fields in Firefox.
  • Blog: A click on the placeholder text now puts the cursor correctly in the field (incorrect in Chrome).
  • Blog: The date and category fields are now larger when editing.
  • The progress bar when downloading updates now shows the correct progress.
  • Forms: The icons in checkboxes, popupmenus, radio fields and file upload buttons are now displayed in the text color of the fields instead of black.
  • Guestbook: The guestbook uses now the same custom styled fields and buttons like the form item.
  • Publish: Verification of the webserver now works with IDN domains.
  • Publish: If an error occurs while checking the web server, publishing continues in all cases.
  • When publishing via FTP / FTPS, IDN domains can now be used as the server address.
Goldfish 4.6 is a free update for all existing Goldfish 4 users. Information and download:

PS: The update will soon appear in the Mac App Store.

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macOS 10.15 Catalina has arrived

Apple has released the final version macOS Catalina. Except Goldfish 4 all our current apps are compatible with macOS Catalina.

The following apps and services are fully compatible with macOS Catalina:
  • Fishbeam Cloud
  • Data Tape 3
  • Fishbeam Basic Clips 2.5
  • Fishbeam Mountain Clips 2.5
  • Fishbeam Xmas Clips 2.5
macOS Catalina currently has a bug that can lead to a crash when using the color chooser in Goldfish 4. If you are a user of Goldfish you should wait with an update to macOS Catalina or install the current beta version. This will bypass the buggy color chooser and displays another one instead.

If you purchased Goldfish from the Mac App Store and want to use the beta version, you need a license key. In this case, please contact Fishbeam Support.

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XOJO Design Award for Goldfish

We are very proud that Goldfish has won the XOJO Design Award 2019 in the Best Consumer App category. The XOJO Design Award honors outstanding software developed with the cross-platform programming language XOJO.

Users have been enjoying the benefits of Goldfish for a long time, but now the app has been officially awarded with a price for outstanding, innovative and easy-to-use apps. Among the many nominated apps, all written in XOJO (an widely known cross-platform programming language for apps), Goldfish stood out and won the 2019 XOJO Design Award in the Best Consumer App category.

Award ceremony in Miami, USA
The award ceremony was part of the XOJO Developer Conference in Miami Florida, which is the premier event for XOJO software developers. Our app Goldfish, that allows you to develop and publish high quality websites quickly and without any programming knowledge, also convinced the jury of experts.

Complete Package for Web Developers
Goldfish is the perfect design tool for web developers and designers who want to quickly design and publish websites without any programming knowledge. As a designer, Goldfish lets you completely realize your ideas, as Goldfish websites do not have to be squeezed into a pre-built and limited template. In addition, Goldfish keeps you up to date with the latest and most innovative techniques such as HTML5, webfonts and more. You create the design, we create the technology behind and make sure that your website looks good on all devices.

The XOJO Design Award 2019 helps us to continue with spending our energy and soul into the further development of Goldfish and to provide you as a web developer with the latest and best technologies for Goldfish websites. You are invited to discover the benefits of Goldfish now: Download and test the app for free and without obligation:

With personal support, the Fishbeam Cloud and our Fishbeam Clips libraries, we also offer a full all-round service for your online presence, beyond just creating websites with Goldfish.

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Goldfish 4.5.2 Released

Fishbeam releases the final version of Goldfish 4.5.2 for download today. The update to Goldfish 4.5.2 contains many improvements like embedded fonts and is free for all users of Goldfish 4.

Improvements in Goldfish 4.5.2:
  • Publish: Fixed an internal error that could occur after publishing to the Fishbeam Cloud.
  • The code tab no longer puts code at the wrong place in some cases.
  • Button: Buttons are no longer displayed at the wrong position in the preview or exported website, depending on the line height.
  • Publish: For multiple nested projects in one (possible through external folders), Goldfish will no longer swap "goldfish_info.txt" files.
  • Form: Notes are now displayed correctly in the editor.
  • Form: Now a maximum number of characters can be set for the elements "Text" and "Multiline".
  • Form: It is now possible that the text field can be resized by the user for the element "Multiline".
  • Fixed display problems of the buttons in the "Font Style" and "Import Media" windows.
  • Better rendering of transparent SVG images in the editor.
  • Animation: New event "When coming out of view" to start an animation.
  • Animation: New property "Run only once" to start an animation.
  • Link window: For links to area templates, the entry "Current area" has been replaced by "Current page". You can select animations and objects from all area templates to create cross-section links.
  • Improved presentation in the editor.
  • Newsletter Blog: An error when displaying pictures in the newsletter has been fixed.
  • Error when sending emails fixed in the newsletter blog, form, onlineshop.
  • Fixed a bug with absolute file paths.
  • The code tab no longer forgets the code position in some cases.
  • A missing page address is now asked when publishing and not when creating the website.
  • Improved presentation in the "Build Error" window.
  • A missing page address will now automatically collected from the Fishbeam Cloud.
  • The web server will now be checked: Does the internet address point to the location of the website on the server? Is PHP running? Is the PHP version too old?
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when editing value lists.
  • Added buttons for adding and deleting values in the Edit Value List window.
  • New window for embedding fonts in the project properties.
  • Windows: Fixed several bugs with connections to the Fishbeam server (update, registration, Fishbeam Cloud, sending error logs).
  • YouTube videos on Windows: Fixed display errors when loading the preview image into the editor.
  • Editor under Windows: Display errors eliminated.
  • Windows: The Fishbeam clips load again in the 64-bit app in all cases correctly.
  • Drag & Drop under Windows improved.
  • Dialogs while creating the website and loading images will be more fluid.
  • Windows: Fixed several bugs that could lead to a crash.
Goldfish 4.5.2 is a free update for all existing Goldfish 4 users. Information and download:

PS: The update will soon appear in the Mac App Store.

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Legal Integration of Google Fonts

With the new Goldfish 4.5.2 you can integrate fonts from Google Fonts, as well as all other fonts for the first time fully legally compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The Google Fonts service provides free fonts for websites that are not installed on the user's device. If you want to use fonts other than standard fonts (Arial, Helvetica, etc.) on your website, this service is essential. Since the fonts are delivered directly from Google, the IP address of the user is transferred to Google. According to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) this may not be allowed. A basic judgment is still pending.

In Goldfish version 4.5.1 or higher, you can integrate fonts directly and deliver them from your own web server. This is allowed under the GDPR in any case. Learn how to use embedded fonts instead of Google Fonts in Goldfish 4.5.1:
  • In Goldfish Version 4.5.2 or higher, click on "PROJECT" in the upper left to view the project properties.
  • At "Embedded Fonts", click on "Select ...".
  • Go to the "google-webfonts-helper" page via the link displayed in Goldfish.
  • Find the font you want to embed, e.g. "Mali".
  • Enable the desired font variants, e.g. 200, 200italic, regular, italic, 600 and 600italic.
  • Make sure that "Best Support" is active and click on "Download files".
You will receive a folder with many different font files. Learn how to embed these into your website:
  • Click "+" on the bottom left and create an entry with the appropriate style for each font variant. For example "Mali" (style "Regular"), "Mali" (style "Italic"), "Mali" (style "Bold") and "Mali" (style "Bold, italic").
  • There is no corresponding font style in Goldfish for the font variants "200" and "200italic". Because of this, create "Mali Light" (style "Regular") and "Mali Light" (style "Italic").
For each created font variant, you need to select the appropriate font files. Select each font variant in the list on the left:
  • Click "+" below the empty list on the right and select "Add individual files ..."
  • Go to the folder with the font files and select all associated files (multiple selection with cmd + click or shift + click).
For our example, these are:

Mali (Regular)

Mali (Italic)

Mali (Bold)

Mali (Bold, italic)

Mali Light (Regular)

Mali Light (Italic)

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