Fishbeam Support Request

If necessary, please contact our customer support. We will be pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding usage, purchase, installation or possible bugs. Please also refer to the following support files for our software.

Fishbeam Support Request

Goldfish 4

Webdesign on all devices: Goldfish is the easy to use solution for creating gorgeous, individual websites with the latest HTML5 technology in little time. Goldfish websites work on all important devices.

Fishbeam Clips

The Fishbeam Clips library contains dozends of royality-free shapes, photo clips, backgrounds and styles for the Goldfish visitor counter. Unleash your creativity and design your web sites, e-mails, greeting cards, letters and other printings with Fishbeam Clips.

There are currently no support files for Fishbeam Clips available.

Fishbeam Cloud

You have created a website with Goldfish? Publish it now on the Internet. The easiest way is via the Fishbeam Cloud. The Fishbeam Cloud makes your website available online so it can be reached anytime, anywhere.

Data Tape

Data Tape 3 is the best app to merge file parts (.001, .002, .003 etc.) to get the original file. These file parts are usually distributed over the Internet if the original file is too large. Data Tape 3 is compatible with HJSplit and handles all common formats for file parts.

There are currently no support files for Data Tape available.

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