Fishbeam Software Launches the Fishbeam Cloud

In addition to the website creator Goldfish, which allows you to design websites quickly, easily and individually, we also offer you to host your website and publish it on the Internet, from now on. The Fishbeam Cloud is a hosting solution built into Goldfish and especially suitable for Goldfish websites. This makes it very easy to use.

Why do we launch the Fishbeam Cloud?
Goldfish has just left inexperienced and new users somewhat at a loss when publishing. Although it was not difficult to find the menu item "Publish" and to progress to the FTP login window, but then it did not continue for now. Finding a web host, concluding a suitable contract there and making sure that everything is configured correctly for Goldfish can be a bit complicated. In any case, we have always had plenty of support requests on this topic.

With the Fishbeam Cloud we make the publishing of a website child's play. Users will now be made aware of our hosting offer in the "Publish" window. By clicking on the link, you can set up an account on immediately, receive the login data for the cloud, and publish the website seamlessly. There is a free trial period of 10 days.

Since the offer is especially designed to Goldfish, we could simplify a lot over other hosters:
  • You get a Fishbeam Cloud login for everything. You do not need separate logins for FTP and website administration.
  • No folder confusion: you do not have to click through the right directory on the web server first.
  • Websites instead of space: Book the package by the number of websites you want to publish. It does not matter how much space they need.
  • Everything is protected by "https:": Although SSL certificates are mandatory for websites today, many web hosts require them to be purchased or extensively set up and renewed. The Fishbeam Cloud automatically protects every website and domain without you having to care about it.
  • Custom error pages (for example for Error 404 - page not found) work just fine. You do not have to configure anything in ".htaccess" for this.
Sign up for the Fishbeam Cloud right now
Test the cloud with your website without obligation for 10 days. Further information and registration can be found under the following link:

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Data Tape 3.0 Released

Fishbeam releases the final version of Data Tape 3.0 for download today. With Data Tape 3 we have completely reworked the software. Data Tape is now free in the basic version.

Improvements in Data Tape 3.0:
  • Data Tape 3 is free in the basic version.
  • Paid upgrade to Data Tape Pro with advanced features.
  • There is now also a version for Windows.
  • New layout and retina graphics on high-resolution screens.
  • Data Tape is now a 64-bit instead of 32-bit app and works with larger data.
  • All connections to the Fishbeam Server (error submission, news, update search, links to are now encrypted with "https".
  • Data Tape does the ".zip" compression before splitting itself now and no longer uses the subssystem of macOS for this.
  • ".zip" archives can be password protected.
  • Data Tape can now automatically unpack ".zip" archives and does no longer forward this task to third-party apps.
  • Data Tape can now compress files without breaking them up into segments.
  • Files can be unpacked without being segments.
  • The Mac version is a Cocoa app instead of Carbon app for better integration with macOS.
  • Renaming: Data Tape is no longer called Data Glue.
In addition there are improvements at almost all other parts. Data Tape 3 is completely revised and redesigned.

Data Tape 3 can be downloaded for free and used free of charge in the basic version. Information and download:

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Privacy on Your Website

On 25/05/2018 the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes binding. Therefore, you must react now and make your website suitable for GDPR.

Time is running out: the new European data protection law will be fully effective at the end of May. Consumers can look forward to more rights. But companies have significant changes to respond to. These changes also affect most websites, as they are usually commercial.

Get your Goldfish website fit for the new GDPR. Otherwise, you may face expensive warnings or even penalties.

Am I ever affected by the GDPR?
All commercial websites are covered by the GDPR. These are e.g. websites of companies, online shops, blogs and club pages. Excluded are purely family or personal websites. If you are exempt from the GDPR, the following does not apply to you.

Data processing on behalf
If an external web hoster is running your website, which is usually the case, you must sign a data processing agreement with the hoster. Ask your web hoster for this. A sample form can be found at the Society for Data Protection (German)

Privacy Policy
If your website is covered by the GDPR, it must also contain a privacy policy. You can write these yourself or have them put together by an online service that can do this for you. We recommend e.g. (German). There you can also create a site notice for your website.

Note the following for Goldfish
  1. Make sure you use at least Goldfish 4.4. Earlier versions and especially Goldfish 3 is not GDPR compliant. The current version of Goldfish can be found on the download page.
  2. Set up a page for the site notice and one for the privacy policy on your website. Paste there the text for the site notice and the privacy policy.
  3. In the project properties, activate "Use of Cookies" (the "Show Warning" property must be set to "Automatic" or "Yes").
  4. Very important: Activate "Link to Privacy Policy" and link to your privacy page.
  5. You should set also a link to the privacy policy and the site notice on every page in the footer or in the header. It is best to place these links in the corresponding area templates.

Details on the privacy of Goldfish websites
The following information is required to create your privacy policy.

The following components use cookies:
  • Redirections (also to the mobile page)
  • Stats Web App
  • Use of Cookies Warning
  • Blog (for administrator login only)
  • Guestbook (for administrator login only)
  • Form
  • Visitor Counter
  • Onlineshop (Product and Shopping Cart)
IP address
The following components store the IP address anonymously for 24 hours.
  • Form
  • Visitor Counter
  • Stats Web App
Necessary personal data is stored. When users comment on a blog entry, the name and email address are stored permanently and the name is published along with the comment.

Necessary personal data is stored. When users post a guestbook entry, the name and email address are stored permanently and the name is published along with the entry.

Necessary personal data is forwarded. When an order is placed, the customer's name and address will be emailed to the shop owner. If you use PayPal, this information will also be shared with PayPal. This must be specifically indicated in your privacy policy.

Audio & Video
Necessary personal data is forwarded. If you include YouTube videos, the IP address will be shared with YouTube. This must be specifically indicated in your privacy policy.

Follow & Share
Necessary personal data is forwarded. If you use the Follow or Share buttons, the IP address will be passed to AddThis (Oracle America, Inc), as well as the respective services, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The operation of these buttons may not be permitted under the GDPR. Therefore, Goldfish will soon replace these buttons with a legally secure alternative.

ReCaptcha spam protection
Personal data will be forwarded. If you have activated ReCaptcha spam protection somewhere, it will send the IP address to Google. This must be specifically indicated in your privacy policy.

Google Analytics
Personal data will be forwarded. If you use Google Analytics, the IP address will be transmitted to Google. This must be specifically indicated in your privacy policy. Goldfish generally uses the variant with IP anonymization. You still need to provide a link in the privacy policy that allows the user to disable Google Analytics. Learn how to set up the link:
  1. Create a text link.
  2. Select "Manual Link" as the link destination and write "javascript:gaOptout();" as the address.

Google Webmaster Tools
This service does not send personal data to Google.

Google Fonts
Personal data will be forwarded. If you use Google Fonts, the IP address will be sent to Google. This must be specifically indicated in your privacy policy.

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Goldfish 4.4.1 Released

Fishbeam releases the final version of Goldfish 4.4.1 for download today. The update to Goldfish 4.4.1 contains urgent bug fixes and is free for all users of Goldfish 4.

Improvements in Goldfish 4.4.1:
  • Fixed an incompatibility when publishing that was caused by an update of the FTP server software at some web hosters.
  • Fixed some bugs in the new text editor.
Goldfish 4.4.1 is a free update for all existing Goldfish 4 users. Information and download:

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Goldfish 4.4 Released

Fishbeam releases the final version of Goldfish 4.4 for download today. The big update to Goldfish 4.4 contains many improvements and bug fixes and is free for all users of Goldfish 4.

Most Important New Features and Improvements in Goldfish 4.4:
  • Password Protection: New responsive layout for password protection.
  • Password Protection: Password lists with multiple users are now also possible.
  • New way to use videos as the background for pages, areas, and items.
  • New cookie warning according to EU data protection laws.
  • Item: New property for maintaining the aspect ratio.
  • New word processor that fixes many bugs and responds faster.
  • Support for Google Fonts.
  • The Page Info now supports icons and the Open Graph Protocol, Apple Touch Icons, High Resolution Favicons, Android Icons, and Microsoft Tile Icons.
  • Onlineshop: Integration of PayPal Plus, which allows payments with credit card, bank debit and on account in addition to PayPal payments.
  • Onlineshop: VAT can now be set per country.
  • Onlineshop: The shopping cart can now be opened automatically after a product has been added.
  • Onlineshop: New address field for copying the complete shipping address in the e-mail to the shop owner.
  • Onlineshop: A percentage or fixed discount on everything can be set in the shopping cart now.
  • Onlineshop: New SDK for the integration of other payment providers and steps after a purchase.
In addition, Goldfish 4.4 offers many more new features and improvements:
  • The design "Bodensee" is now displayed correctly under Windows.
  • Because of the tutorial, new area templates now have a size of 1000x500 pixels.
  • The menu shortcut for "View > Design" has been changed to prevent conflicts with other shortcuts.
  • Website Frame: The frame content will not be reset to when saving (buggy since Goldfish 4.3).
  • Onlineshop: The newer PayPal-REST-API will be used from now on.
  • Onlineshop: The spelling has been corrected.
  • Onlineshop: By clicking on "Back" in the order process, the country will no longer disappear.
  • Onlineshop: The list of default countries is now complete.
  • Onlineshop: Custom graphics for the Global Shopping Cart are no longer lost when saving.
  • Onlineshop: Changes to the Global Shopping Cart are now always published.
  • Onlineshop: The PayPal payment is no longer executed in a new window. This will make payments on mobile devices smoother.
  • Onlineshop: New product buttons now all have different product IDs by default ("PRO-01", "PRO-02", "PRO-03").
  • Onlinshop: Generating the website now warns of duplicate product IDs.
  • Onlinshop: More efficient creation of the product list.
  • Onlinshop: No more error messages when clicking on "Back" and selecting another payment method.
  • Onlineshop: ISO country code added to the respective country.
  • Onlineshop: Unnecessary blanks are now stripped automatically from user data.
  • In value lists (for example, the online shop country selection), whole groups of values ​​can now be cut, copied, pasted, deleted, and edited.
  • The context menu in the project list now shows a help entry.
  • In the context menu, the entry "Deselect All" is now available throughout the program.
  • HTML Code Object: The horizontal scrollbar has been removed.
  • Project: New property "Project > Maximum File Name Length".
  • Project: Names for pages and files have the maximum length of 255 characters by default now.
  • The design export icon supports besides "Edit > Paste" now also drag & drop and shows an open dialog with one click.
  • Code Tab: Various mistakes when inserting code eliminated.
  • Open and Save dialogs now remember the last place better.
  • The favicon under "Project > Favicon" has been removed. Use the page info window now.
  • Audio & Video: Automatic generation of the poster picture when adding a video.
  • Audio & Video: New option for videos "Always play in full screen mode on mobile devices".
  • Audio & Video: New warning that automatic sound playback does not work on mobile devices.
  • Audio & Video: HTML5 video works again after Apple's changes in Safari for iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra.
  • Publish: The dialog because of unsupported SSL encryption is no longer displayed in German.
  • Publish: Fixed a bug that could cause the directory to not be changed.
  • Publish: Publishing now works better under a variety of conditions.
  • When generating the website, a click on "Cancel" now stops the process much faster.
  • Statistics Web App: Fixed bug in the display of monthly and yearly visitors, which could always occur on the first of January.
  • Visitor Counter: No more PHP-Warning.
  • "Page Info" window: Fixed various display problems.
  • Passwords and other sensitive information are no longer displayed as plain text but with "***" in Goldfish .
  • A memory overflow when rendering a very long text is fixed.
  • External Files and Folders: Fixed a bug where the path to external files and folders could not be resolved.
  • External files and folders: The English version no longer displays information in German if external files or folders were not found.
  • Object: Fixed a bug when zooming in or out with the top left or bottom right handle.
  • Text boxes are now updated in the editor with the current font style if that has been changed in the font templates.
  • Gallery: The settings for "Page Overlay" are now hidden if the gallery type is "Slide Show", because they are not needed here.
  • Background Pictures: No more internal error when adding various background images.
  • Background Pictures: Clearer presentation of the options for background images because of lines.
  • Background Pictures: Display problems in the editor with background images and the mode "Cut to fill" are now fixed.
  • Background Pictures: Option "fix relative to Browser window" is now hidden at pages, because it is not needed here.
  • Error reports now work with HTTP 1.1. This means that there is no longer an error when sending (broken since Goldfish 4.3).
  • When clicking the code tab, previewing, publishing or exporting, the edit mode will now always quit, so that changes are always made immedialtely.
  • iOS: Numbers on the website are no longer automatically interpreted as phone numbers and underlined in blue.
  • Longer TDLs such as ".berlin" are now allowed in e-mail addresses at all Goldfish scripts.
  • Form: The captcha is now loaded correctly even after a wrong submission of a form.
  • The spinner, curtain, and overlay script components have been improved.
  • Animations: Better Appearance on mobile devices (iOS, Android).
  • Animations: The drive-in or drive-out animation now always takes place in the correct location.
  • Slider Area: Better Appearance on Mobile Devices (iOS, Android).
  • Redirection: No more PHP-Notice, which prevents a possible redirection.
  • The import of Goldfish 3 code snippets into the new code view has been improved.
  • Sitemap: The sitemap.xml file no longer has empty <url> nodes.
  • Picture Item: Pictures with Image Zoom are no longer trimmed in some circumstances.
Goldfish 4.4 is a free update for all existing Goldfish 4 users. Information and download:

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