Fishbeam Software launches the Fishbeam Cloud

In addition to the website creator Goldfish, which allows you to design websites quickly, easily and individually, we also offer you to host your website and publish it on the Internet, from now on. The Fishbeam Cloud is a hosting solution built into Goldfish and especially suitable for Goldfish websites. This makes it very easy to use.

Why do we launch the Fishbeam Cloud?

Goldfish has just left inexperienced and new users somewhat at a loss when publishing. Although it was not difficult to find the menu item "Publish" and to progress to the FTP login window, but then it did not continue for now. Finding a web host, concluding a suitable contract there and making sure that everything is configured correctly for Goldfish can be a bit complicated. In any case, we have always had plenty of support requests on this topic.

With the Fishbeam Cloud we make the publishing of a website child's play. Users will now be made aware of our hosting offer in the "Publish" window. By clicking on the link, you can set up an account on immediately, receive the login data for the cloud, and publish the website seamlessly. There is a free trial period of 10 days.

Since the offer is especially designed to Goldfish, we could simplify a lot over other hosters:

  • You get a Fishbeam Cloud login for everything. You do not need separate logins for FTP and website administration.
  • No folder confusion: you do not have to click through the right directory on the web server first.
  • Websites instead of space: Book the package by the number of websites you want to publish. It does not matter how much space they need.
  • Everything is protected by "https:": Although SSL certificates are mandatory for websites today, many web hosts require them to be purchased or extensively set up and renewed. The Fishbeam Cloud automatically protects every website and domain without you having to care about it.
  • Custom error pages (for example for Error 404 - page not found) work just fine. You do not have to configure anything in ".htaccess" for this.

What changes will be made in Goldfish?

Goldfish does not change much. You will just be alerted to the new offer and there is a new tab in the Publish window for the Goldfish Cloud.

Can I also use other web hosts for my Goldfish websites?

The Fishbeam Cloud is an additional offer. It will also be possible in the future to publish Goldfish websites via FTP / FTPS to other web hosts or on your own web server. We do not want to give up Goldfish's advantage over pure CMS online services, where you also need to host the website.

Can I also upload Non-Goldfish Websites to the Fishbeam Cloud?

Yes, websites are stored on servers in a consistent format. Therefore, you can in principle load any website into the Fishbeam Cloud and publish it. This is done via the FTP access displayed in the Fishbeam Cloud Account.

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