System Requirements: Mac

Macintosh computer with Intel processor and macOS 10.10.5 or higher. An internet connection is required.

System Requirements: Windows

Computer with 2.0 ghz. processor and Windows 7 SP1 or newer (including Windows 8 and 10). An internet connection is required.

New Features and Improvements in Goldfish 4.5.2

  • Publish: Fixed an internal error that could occur after publishing to the Fishbeam Cloud.
  • The code tab no longer puts code at the wrong place in some cases.
  • Button: Buttons are no longer displayed at the wrong position in the preview or exported website, depending on the line height.
  • Publish: For multiple nested projects in one (possible through external folders), Goldfish will no longer swap "goldfish_info.txt" files.
  • Form: Notes are now displayed correctly in the editor.
  • Form: Now a maximum number of characters can be set for the elements "Text" and "Multiline".
  • Form: It is now possible that the text field can be resized by the user for the element "Multiline".
  • Fixed display problems of the buttons in the "Font Style" and "Import Media" windows.
  • Better rendering of transparent SVG images in the editor.
  • Animation: New event "When coming out of view" to start an animation.
  • Animation: New property "Run only once" to start an animation.
  • Link window: For links to area templates, the entry "Current area" has been replaced by "Current page". You can select animations and objects from all area templates to create cross-section links.
  • Improved presentation in the editor.
  • Newsletter Blog: An error when displaying pictures in the newsletter has been fixed.
  • Error when sending emails fixed in the newsletter blog, form, onlineshop.
  • Fixed a bug with absolute file paths.
  • The code tab no longer forgets the code position in some cases.
  • A missing page address is now asked when publishing and not when creating the website.
  • Improved presentation in the "Build Error" window.
  • A missing page address will now automatically collected from the Fishbeam Cloud.
  • The web server will now be checked: Does the internet address point to the location of the website on the server? Is PHP running? Is the PHP version too old?
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when editing value lists.
  • Added buttons for adding and deleting values in the Edit Value List window.
  • New window for embedding fonts in the project properties.
  • Windows: Fixed several bugs with connections to the Fishbeam server (update, registration, Fishbeam Cloud, sending error logs).
  • YouTube videos on Windows: Fixed display errors when loading the preview image into the editor.
  • Editor under Windows: Display errors eliminated.
  • Windows: The Fishbeam clips load again in the 64-bit app in all cases correctly.
  • Drag & Drop under Windows improved.
  • Dialogs while creating the website and loading images will be more fluid.
  • Windows: Fixed several bugs that could lead to a crash.

New Features and Improvements in Goldfish 4.5.1

  • The blog accepts \ and ' characters in the user interface text properties.
  • The background color of the drawer from the drawer menu can now be switched off and the transparency can be changed.
  • The verification of registration codes has been improved.
  • Animations keep their name when copy and paste, if the name does not already exist on the page.
  • Improvements in the graphical representation in the project window.
  • Animation: "Open Link" works again in all cases.
  • Link to item: It will now be gently scrolled in all cases instead jumped.
  • The release notes now show the quotation marks „ and “.
  • Create Website: Fixed a bug where the wrong warning "Components from Goldfish Professional included" appeared.

New Features and Improvements in Goldfish 4.5

  • Form: New form editor, which does not require an additional window. Form fields can now be resized and styled. In addition, file uploads and multiple fields in one line are now possible.
  • Follow & Share: The Follow & Share feature is now fully compliant to the European data protection regulation, using the Heise Shariff solution, which does not share data by default.
  • European data protection regulation: New global link to the privacy page, which will be displayed as opt-in in all forms and in the cookie warning.
  • Goldfish now supports the Fishbeam Cloud to make it even easier to publish websites.
  • New item for displaying 3D models on the website These can be rotated by the user and viewed from all sides.
  • Designs: Added new design "Zum Hirschen" and existing designs for Goldfish 4 updated.
  • New newsletter function: Offer newsletters on your website.
  • Animations: Use new effects that change opacity, blurry, and color. Start animations while scrolling.
  • Shape: Added new included shapes.
  • Updated and improved drawer menu.
  • Improvements in speed and stability.
  • New option "Hide Goldfish credits in HTML code" in the project properties

Other New Features and Improvements in Goldfish 4.5

  • Designs: The designs are now always shown in alphabetical order in the Design window.
  • Animation: Page areas that are hidden from animations no longer create an empty scrollable area.
  • Animation: New options "When scrolling up" and "When scrolling down" for "Start Animation".
  • Onlineshop: Calculation of shipping costs in the shopping cart improved if the country of delivery is not yet known.
  • Designs: Added new design "Zum Hirschen" and existing designs for Goldfish 4 updated.
  • Designs: The designs are now always shown in alphabetical order in the Design window.
  • Animation: Page areas that are hidden from animations no longer create an empty scrollable area.
  • Animation: New options "When scrolling up" and "When scrolling down" for "Start Animation".
  • Onlineshop: Calculation of shipping costs in the shopping cart improved if the country of delivery is not yet known.
  • Undo / Redo: The Undo and Redo function from the menu works now in detail when writing and formatting text in the text editor.
  • Text editor: The text editor now supports drag-and-drop of text snippets (such as emojis from the symbol palette).
  • SEO: Goldfish automatically links each mobile page with the respective normal page (canonical tags) in order to achieve a better optimization for Google. This works if the mobile start page is called "mobile" and the names and titles of the related pages match.
  • Text editor: The classic text editor is again active by default instead of the new, still unfinished text editor.
  • Because of the improved text editor, Goldfish runs much more stable under Windows and no longer crashes due to memory problems.
  • Text Editor: The classic (old) text editor is faster and uses less memory, especially for long texts such as the privacy policy.
  • Animations: Fixed a bug where animations connected to a link would not start if they were located on an area template.
  • Display problems in the editor resolved: Items are now displayed correctly, if they have big negative Left values.
  • Navigation menu: In the editor, menu links to objects are no longer highlighted if this function has been deactivated in the properties.
  • The function for testing whether an object is in the field of view has been improved. This affects navigation menus, animations and SmartText.
  • Drawer Menu: The Drawer Menu does not move the page to the right anymore.
  • Drawer Menu: The Drawer Menu now always displays submenus completely and not only the submenu of the current page.
  • Navigation Menu: A navigation menu link will now be highlighted if the link points to an object or area of the current page and it is in the field of view. This can be deactivated with the new option "Highlight current entry of links to items".
  • Link window: The page list of the link window has now the new entry "Current Page", or "Current Area". This can be used to start an action on the current page without having to select it.
  • There is now an entry for displaying release notes in the help menu and they are also displayed when starting beta versions.
  • Generating the website when previewing, publishing, or exporting is much faster for websites with many text items.
  • Saving and loading projects with many text items is much faster.
  • Google now recognizes mobile websites as optimized for mobile devices once the file robots.txt has been generated (broken since version 4.4.1).
  • Fixed bug while opening projects from Goldfish 2.
  • If there is nothing to undo, an internet error will no longer sometimes appear when opening the menu.
  • Gallery: The distances between preview icons of a gallery are sometimes no longer displayed incorrectly in the preview and on the exported website.
  • When dragging and dropping images from the Finder into a page area, the "Keep Aspect Ratio" option is now enabled by default.
  • Navigation menu: Distances between different types of menus are no longer sometimes calculated incorrectly.
  • Onlineshop: PayPal error with discounts resolved.
  • Processes such as Publishing continue to run when the monitor is off and will be no longer interrupted.
  • Stats App: The display of stats on the iPhone and Firefox has been improved.
  • Stats App: In the English version the stats are no longer displayed in German (incorrect since Goldfish 4.4)
  • Stats App: Fixed a bug where the stats could be reset and an empty month appeared.
  • Added new dialogs when publishing (not when publishing website updates).
  • The PHP error reporting has been updated in all PHP scripts to reduce PHP errors.
  • Animation: Deleted animations no longer sometimes lead to internal bugs.
  • Onlineshop: The scripts have been updated for PHP 7.2.
  • The Unassigned HTML Code window now displays the code more structured and the automatic spell checker can no longer destroy the code.
  • New central privacy link in the project properties. This is used by all data protection-relevant functions.
  • Form: New form editor, which does not require an additional window
  • Form: The width of individual elements is now adjustable. Several elements can be displayed next to each other.
  • Form: New option "Placeholder Text" for text fields.
  • Form: New element "Note" to display texts in the form.
  • Form: New element "File Upload".
  • Form: New privacy opt-in.
  • Form: Fields can now be adjusted in size, colors, borders, curves and font style.
  • Form: New send button, which can be adjusted in size, colors, borders, curves and font style.
  • Form: New type "Newsletter Subscription“.
  • Form: The check of the entries takes place before the sending the form.
  • Form: Forwarding is now possible after successful sending.
  • Newsletter Blog: Functions for sending newsletters were added to the blog area.
  • Blog: Blog entries can now be hidden on request.
  • Form: IP addresses from the SPAM protection are now stored in anonymous form.
  • Many bugs in the Undo and Redo feature have been fixed.
  • Shape: The forms contained are now ordered by name.

New Features in Version 4.0

  • New designs for the creation of your website in only minutes
  • Customized website for smartphones and tablets
  • Automatic forwarding to a customized page, depending on the device, operating system or language
  • Same typography on all devices by rendering fonts and support for Adobe Typekit
  • Retina graphics and support for resolution independent SVG vector graphics
  • HTML5 audio and video, as well as integration of YouTube videos
  • Special dynamic menus for mobile websites
  • Buttons for like and share for all major communities
  • New design of the image gallery and slideshow
  • Forms with support of multiple keybords on mobile devices
  • Automatically generated sitemap for finding a page quickly
  • New guestbook where your website visitors can post comments and annotations
  • Blog and CMS for posting content without Goldfish, directly on your website with comments and RSS Feed
  • Integration of Google Analytics with data protection rules
  • Pinning of backgrounds and page areas when scrolling (the background or area is fixed)
  • Publish your website directly via FTP with SSL encryption
  • Goldfish generates modern HTML5 and CSS code complying with official standards
  • Animations for any item on the page with many effects and possibilities
  • Show or hide any item by a click or hover with the mouse
  • Search box on the website to browse and find specific passages
  • Slider to scroll through different areas on a page
  • Online shop with PayPal Integration, which can be configurated in minutes
  • Write your own HTML and CSS code to any position of your website
  • The Mac version is a Cocoa instead of Carbon app for a better integration with Mac OS X

In addition there are improvements at almost all other parts. Goldfish 4 is completely revised and redesigned.

System Requirements: Goldfish Websites

Goldfish websites work on all popular webservers. You will need PHP from version 7.0 for many features ike the contact form, redirections or the onlineshop. A Fishbeam Cloud account or FTP resp. FTPS access to the web server is required for publishing the website directly from Goldfish. If your webserver supports only other protocols, such as SFTP (SSH) or WebDAV, you will need to publish with additional apps like Cyberduck.

Goldfish websites work with all popular devices and browsers, such as Safari 9 or newer, Chrome 43 or newer, Internet Explorer 10 or newer, Edge, Firefox 16 or newer and Opera 30 or newer.

Works with macOS Mojave
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