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With Fishbeam Clips you can design your your web sites, e-mails, greeting cards, letters and other printings. Fishbeam Clips are  royality-free stock images, shapes, photo clips, backgrounds and styles for the Goldfish visitor counter. There are several different packages available.

Fishbeam Basic Clips

The Fishbeam Basic Clips library contains more than 500 gorgeous photo clips, backgrounds and counter styles. All clips are perfectly masked and fit perfectly with Goldfish. This library is perfect for web designers.

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Fishbeam Mountain Clips

The Fishbeam Mountain Clips library contains more than 350 alpine stock images in Full HD resolution. Discover one of the most beautiful landscapes of the world and improve your projects with these beautiful pictures.

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Fishbeam Xmas Clips

The Fishbeam Xmas Clips library contains over 450 fancy christmas ornaments. All ornaments are perfektly masked and the ideal christmas decoration for your web sites or christmas cards.

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Fishbeam Basic Clips
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