Fishbeam Basic Clips 2.5 Released

Fishbeam Software releases a brand new version of Fishbeam Basic Clips a library with dozends of royality-free shapes, photo clips, backgrounds and styles for the Goldfish visitor counter.

Fishbeam Basic Clips 2.5 comes with a completely redeveloped 64 bit app and retina graphics, macOS dark mode support and an improved user interface. The Fishbeam Basic Clips library is the perfect complement for the Goldfish website creator and support you as web designer with useful clip resources.

Improvements and new features in Fishbeam Basic Clips 2.5:
  • The app is now in 64-bit and Retina resolution.
  • Drag & Drop on Windows now supports images with a transparent background.
  • New Fishbeam Clips Store added where clip collections can be purchased.
  • The search function has been improved.
  • The software now has a better icon.
  • The "About Fishbeam Clips" window has been updated.
  • New icons and better presentation throughout the app.
  • Release notes have been added.
  • Menu "Appearance" and "Window" with various commands added.
  • A toolbar has been added.
  • All installed Fishbeam Clip collections are now displayed in each Fishbeam Clips app.
  • The app now supports macOS Dark Mode.
  • The graphics and stability in Windows has been improved.
  • An error displaying Fishbeam News has been fixed.
  • An error at playing music has been fixed.
  • Various bugs have been fixed.
Fishbeam Basic Clips 2.5 can be purchased on our website and is a free upgrade for users that purchased Fishbeam Basic clips in 2019 (please contact our support in that case).

PS: The update will soon appear in the Mac App Store.

Published in Clips, Webdesign, Publish, StockPhotos, PhotoClips on 09/07/2019 09:00 am.

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