This little game is based on a famous card game which must not be named* and is great fun for betweentimes. Play against two computer opponents and see who will win first, second and third place.

Features of Color Cards

  • Play against two computer players: Our Color Cards computer player is smarter than you might expect.
  • Card flying animation and sounds: See the cards flying around on the wooden desk an hear cards and winner sounds.
  • 112 cards in 4 colors and 8 joker cards: In Color Cards there are many more cards available than in the classic card game. That means there are also more joker cards.
  • Cheat mode to catch a glimpse of the cards from your opponents: Do you like to cheat in card games? In Color Cards you can.
  • Medals for the first and the second place: If a player has taken off all his cards, he wins the first place. The remaint players will fight for the second  and third place.

* for legal reasons

A highlight of Color Cards is the cheat mode. You can always activate it in the menu and catch a glimpse of the cards from your opponent. The cheat mode is also useful if both of the computer players fight for the third place. Then you can learn from the strategy of your opponents.

Color Cards contains 112 cards in the colors red, yellow, blue and green and 8 joker cards. You can buy Color Cards on the Mac App Store or download the shareware version from Fishbeam Software.


and try.


works with macOS Sierra
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