The Fishbeam Christmas Clips 2 library contains over 450 of royality-free photo clips of beatiful and fancy christmas ornaments. They are perfect for the christmas decoration of your web sites, e-mails, greeting cards, letters and other printings during the holliday season.

For discovering the clips in fullscreen and for all fans of christmas and christmas ornaments, we have added a slide show mode with relaxing music. Start the slide show and you can examine if a clip is really proper for your project. Or just settle back and enjoy all the beatutiful christmas ornaments together with the music. The  clips are perfectly masked with a transparent background. Preview Fishbeam Christmas Clips.

Features of Fishbeam Christmas Clips 2

  • Over 450 beautiful and fancy photo clips of christmas ornamnets.
  • Fishbeam Christmas Clips 2 are delivered with a handy app that displays all available clips. From there you can easily export the clips to other apps with drag and drop or save the clips on your hard disk.
  • The Fishbeam Christmas Clips 2 app is especially gorgeous on Macs with retina displays.
  • Find clips with the integrated keyword live search.
  • All clips are royalty-free for non commercial and commercial projects and provided as .png files.
  • The clips are perfect for designing your web sites, e-mails, greeting cards, letters and other printings.
  • The clips library fits perfectly with Goldfish and is accessible through the Goldfish user interface.
  • Fishbeam Christmas Clips 2 are an excellent value for the money. They're much cheaper than images from a conventional stock photo agency.
  • Slide show mode in fullscreen with music for discovering clips or just to settle back and watch them.

Xmas for you: Fishbeam

Christmas Clips 2


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Settle back

and enjoy the clips

in a slide show.

All clips are displayed in the handy Fishbeam Christmas Clips app.
Watch your favourite clips in fullscreen view as a slideshow.
Drag clips directly into your documents.
There are clips of fancy Christmas ornaments.
Search for suitable clips with keywords.
In addition, there are clips of non festive ornaments.
Export the clips to your downloads, to the clipboard or to other locations.
Works with macOS Mojave
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