Goldfish is the easy to use solution for creating gorgeous, individual websites with the latest HTML5 technology in little time. In the last few years Goldfish has developed from a small tool to a widespread website creator with a growing user base. Goldfish is available in two different versions.

Goldfish 3 Standard

Publish yor ideas on the internet and create a mind-blowing website for your family, your friends and everyone else who is interested.

Goldfish 3 Professional

Design a professional website with advanced features for your own business or your clients.

10 Reasons to Choose Goldfish

  • Creating websites with Goldfish is not as static as if you use a template-based app. These apps are often compared to Goldfish, but they only allow to fill precast website templates. With Goldfish you can design your individual website.
  • Goldfish is not as complex as a conventional website creator (html editor). You don't have to learn complex tasks and can create your website in less time than one of these apps.
  • We offer Goldfish at a sensational low price. You won't find any lower priced solution to create an individual website with such a high quality.
  • Designing websites with Goldfish is like working with paper, cutter and glue. The unique Goldfish user interface is made for designers not for engineers. Don't waste your time to fix html source code issues.
  • Goldfish puts the latest HTML5 features and mind-blowing animations to your website. You don't need annoying plugins for that, everything is built in.
  • It doesn't matter on which operating system you are working. Goldfish is cross platform for Macintosh and Windows. You can switch between these platforms seamlessly.
  • There are many design templates for a rapid website development. You can use them without modification, or you can completely turn them into your individual website.
  • Goldfish comes with a full animated online store for your individual products. Setting it up is as easy as with no other solution on the market and takes only minutes. *
  • With the built in ftp publisher, Goldfish publishes your website instantly on the internet. With that feature Goldfish is as flexible as an online solution, but you get the comfort of a desktop app.
  • Goldfish is extendable for developing web apps. You can use every possible web technology (PHP, JavaScript, Java, Flash...) and any possible third party editor. Everything will integrate seamlessly in your Goldfish website. *
Works with Windows 10


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Works with OS X El Capitan

Goldfish Standard

Goldfish Professional

Gorgeous designs for the creation of your website in only minutes

Efficient and intuitive creation with the unique Goldfish construction kit

Assistance by the use of templates for pages and page areas

Instant publishing with the built in ftp publisher

Design your website freely with text, images und rich media content

Professional animated image gallery in multiple different styles

Dynamic menus with customizable design and in different styles

Dynamic visitor counter in many pleasent styles

Entirely customizable e-mail forms with SPAM protection

Stylish guestbook and comments module with animation and effects

Embed your own html code e.g. for GoogleMaps, Flickr, Facebook or YouTube

Integration of external websites in iFrames

Prepared for the Fishbeam Clips library with over 1000 high quality clips **

Animated store with your own products, which can be configurated in minutes

Add data from external sources and integration of web applications

Add your own html and css code at nearly every position of your website

Supply of rss feeds for news areas and blogs

* This feature is only available in Goldfish Professional. ** The Fishbeam Clips library is not included in Goldfish and can be purchased seperately.

Development of web applications with php, javascript and other technologies

Stats from your website directly on your iPhone or iPod Touch

Export your web site as HTML files

Goldfish generates modern HTML and CSS Code complying with official standards

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